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Amy Euphemia Jacques Garvey (1896–1973) was one of the key political leaders, archivists, and interpreters of the Garvey movement. As Garvey's second wife, she frequently represented her husband at public meetings and events. She was a reg-ular columnist in the UNIA's newspaper, The Negro World. Garvey was a
Amy Jacques Garvey became the second wife of famous United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) leader Marcus Garvey in July 1922, only a few months ... her own book, Garvey and Garveyism and later published two collections of essays, Black Power in America and The Impact of Garvey in Africa and Jamaica.
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Marcus Garvey is regarded as the leader of the largest organized mass movement in black history and the progenitor of the modern Black Is Beautiful revival that reached its apogee in the 1960s ... He would also spend time in Honduras and Belize and published another small paper in Panama. .... Garvey, Amy Jacques.
Excerpt from “Women as Leaders” by Amy Jacques Garvey (October 25, 1925). Women of all climes and races have as great a part to play in the development of their particular group as the men. Some readers may not agree with us on this issue, but do they not mould the minds of their children the future men and women?
Amy. Jacques. Garvey. On. Langston. Hughes: I. Am. a. Negro. —. and. Beautiful. Too much cannot be said in denouncing the class of "want-to-be-white" ... through the preachments of Marcus Garvey [see "Africa for the Africans" in the essay section], has found its soul, and is out to acquire for itself and its posterity all that
n the years following the Fifth Pan-African Congress, Amy Jacques Garvey's determination to create an intellectual interest in Africa persisted, as she once again began to produce essays and editorial commentary. Her writing thus became her avenue of participation in the stimulating Pan-African dialogue that blossomed
The most famous collection of Garvey's speeches and essays, in a special Centennial Edition. The Garveyites' Bible!
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Born in Jamaica, Amy Jacques moved to the United States in 1917, became a committed Garveyite and Garvey's personal secretary. She later served as Secretary General of the UNIA, and as a columnist for the organization's paper, the Negro World. She married Garvey in 1922 and provided key leadership for the UNIA

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